• When the Student Becomes the Teacher


    More years ago than I prefer to count, I was blessed to have in my personal growth class a young woman by the name of Lezlie. She was eager to learn all about herself and the power within. She proved to be an apt student.

    The more often we shared, the stronger the bond became between us – we were certainly sisters of Spirit. We lost touch for a while when I changed cities, but in reconnecting; it was as if we had never been apart.

    Over the years, there were triumphs we celebrated and tragedies that we helped each other through. Mostly we connected by email or phone, but the occasional visit found us exchanging book titles and trying to solve the world’ s problems over a cup of tea. By that time, I rarely saw myself as her teacher, and she my student. We were sisters on a whirlwind of adventure.

    In 2012, our relationship continued to shift. That July, Lezlie and Ron had dinner with us on one of their rare trips through Edmonton – heading to Hinton for a family re-union. We had such a delightful time; no one wanted the evening to end.

    In September, Ron called with the heart-wrenching news that our beloved Lezlie had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and had died during surgery. Her celebration of life in Calgary proved that she had become a teacher to us all. I drew strength from the final words she had written, inspiring us to live our lives with joy, passion, and purpose.

    More than once since then, have I been blessed with wise counsel from her when she appeared in my dreams.  She gave me the courage to fight on that October when I faced cancer surgery.

    Earlier today, Good Friday of 2014, I was reviewing old Facebook messages. (Lezlie was always more embracing of social media than I was!) As I scrolled down, there was a gift from her dated four years before she died – a message I had not seen until now. It was like finding a beautiful gift at the back of the closet that I’d forgotten to open. The message included a poem she wanted to share.

    May you find the wisdom that I found in her poem that follows.

    One Moment Please

    By Lezlie Molyneaux 2008

    I take flight and all the world is spinning

    Every need rushes in to whack at me.

    I cannot grasp one stick to shake at,

    For all shake furiously.

    The spinning is becoming tortuous.

    I can’t remember who I am.


    One tiny feather floats

    Between the blades sharpened dangerously.

    My eyes blink, yet I am wary

    One moment I shake ….

    I breathe

    One moment I shudder…..

    I breathe

    One moment I close my eyes

    I breathe …..

    I breathe

    One moment I am totally protected

    In a blanket of downy white

    One moment – I am

    I am.

    Dearest Lezlie,

    Thank you for transcending time and space to share your wisdom and teach us your truth. We are bountifully blessed as we remember that we are all students and teachers of each other.

    Photo courtesy of How to raise your vibration blog