About Sue

Meet the spunky, spicy, sensational Sue Paulson.

Sue’s first quarter victories in life included…

  • On stage to rounds of applause at age 10 for recitations of her poem
  • Began as an entrepreneur at 23 teaching beauty and charm classes
  • Immersed in personal growth training at 24

During her second quarter, Sue started to pick up speed. She…

  • Rode a camel to the pyramids in Egypt
  • Became a facilitator of personal growth workshops at 28
  • Developed and conducted corporate leadership workshops at 34
  • Survived two humbling bankruptcies and one liberating divorce
  • Wrote a best-selling, how-to book at 49
  • Taught public speaking, business writing, and study skills to hundreds of university students

Sue’s third quarter started out with a bang. She…

  • Performed five minutes of stand up comedy on amateur night at Yuk Yuk’s at 50
  • Published her second book – an international award winner
  • Struggled through a second liberating divorce
  • Appeared on TV and radio as an expert on Dating for Older Adults
  • Worked as a speech coach and voice over talent
  • Survived two bouts of cancer and one near-death experience

More than just a remarkable voice of her generation, Sue’s wit and wisdom spans decades of experience of living life as a conscious and empowered woman. She has learned how to balance life’s passions with its necessities. Sue believes in leading from the heart. She says, “At heart level, when you know that you matter and that what you do matters, you can change your world.” Sue is looking forward to whatever adventures she creates in the fourth quarter of her life!