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Starting with a Near Death Experience in 2007, Magnificent Misery draws you into the intensely personal journey of a middle-aged woman. What she learned on the “other side” shook the world of author, Sue Paulson.

Thinking her brush with death and the resulting visit to the spiritual realm would be her most challenging and enlightening life experience, a cancer diagnosis in 2011, then a second bout in 2012 proved her wrong.

During her battle, Sue began to understand that cancer was her greatest teacher – one that would complete her journey from adversity to ecstasy.

An aware and deeply spiritual person, she relates in intimate detail the tragedies, gifts, and ultimate meaning she gleaned from her life-changing experiences.  With courage, grace, and dignity, Sue moves from defeat to a deeper understanding of life’s meaning for herHer story is not just her story – it belongs to everyone who has ever faced adversity and desires to triumph over it.


What Readers are Saying:

Magnificent Misery is a must-read; an eloquent balance of inspiration, enlightenment, and entertainment expressed through a real-life story that relates to all.  Sue has a way of pulling you into her experiences so you feel as though you’re right there with her – not only enduring her trials and tribulations, but also reaping the priceless wisdom she acquired because of them. She shares it all so clearly through her raw, uninhibited, personal tales. I wanted to leap into the pages to hold her hand as she stomached and inevitably overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Ironically, it is her story that will hold the hand of anyone going through any hardship because one way or another, her story is our story.                                  Dan King, Speaker & Author of  the SOULgasm Series


“Magnificent Misery” will resonate with any woman (or man) who has ever gone through a serious health challenge. When death looked Sue in the eye, she evoked a little humor to fray the edges of this amazing story of strength and courage. So real, so open, and such a gift to the reader. 

Dianna Bowes, Founder of Fabulous@50, Editor of Be Fabulous! Magazine (

I just finished reading my friend, Sue Paulson’s new book titled “Magnificent Misery”.  A work like this allows the health practitioner to travel with the writer as she explores the multidimensional aspects of the life of a cancer sufferer, thus acquiring valuable information about the way a person reacts to a diagnostic and treatment of cancer.

Sue’s description of her journey is a very deep, intimate study of the soul and heart of somebody going through the experience, as well as her fears and struggle about making the right decisions on her journey toward health and healing.

From the first paragraph to the last, I kept glued to the theme, attempting to find the real meaning of this work. At the end, and after meditating about the many ideas contained in the book, I realized that it was a practitioner’s dream, for we always struggle to obtain from our clients a critical and productive perspective on the meaning of a sickness.

Cancer is an opportunity for the client to re-engineer his/her life. It is an opportunity for transformation; Sue clearly achieved this transformation.

Perhaps a more telling title would have been “Sue’s Magnificent Metamorphosis”.

Francisco Valenzuela  MA.DCH.PhD., Author of, “Psycho-Oncology, Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Healing in Cancer”

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In Edmonton: Audrey’s Books


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