IMG_3065Sue is a delight to work with. She knows how to help her clients tame the dragon of fear within and draw out of us our strengths for speaking confidently no matter what situation we may find ourselves in.
Thanks to her experience both as a polished speaker and facilitator, she has a strong sense of what will and will not work. Her companion book, “Tips and Tools to Speak with Confidence” is a valuable tool that I can refer to again and again as I continue to hone my skills.
I am deeply grateful for her expertise and support in helping me craft a powerful “Introduction” that is sure to WOW my audiences as I step into my own new, exciting speaking opportunities. Thank you, Sue.

Barb Hepperle, M.Sc.
Life and Divorce Recovery Coach


Sue has done an outstanding job at providing her voicing services. She is not only talented at talking, but her ability to know exactly what to say and how long to say it is fabulous. I would recommend Sue to any company wanting to portray a professional image. Thanks Sue!

Karen Kobylka
President/Master Artist
In Motion Style Group


This was the kick in the pants I needed! Before this, my confidence had waned and I felt overwhelmed with the prospect of what to do or where to go with my project. In a short period of time, Sue covered so much ground by giving me some solid tools for organization and implementing my work to date, important alternatives and tips, plus the motivation and direction I needed to bring my project to completion.

Thanks again Sue!



Sue was contracted to work with 20 Administrative Support Staff of Alberta Community Development- Field Services. This diverse group was very taken with Sue’s approach. She was professional yet her manner allowed everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. Sue was confident, related personal experiences, diligent to complete the contract work and was willing to listen. Working with Sue has been beneficial to all involved. Her enthusiasm and great sense of humor made our workshop most enjoyable.

N. J. (Noni) Heine
Alberta Community Development
Field Services


I was recently selected as one of four finalists in a business contest that required us to present to five judges. Although I had experience in public speaking, this was far higher stakes than anything I had ever presented before. As such, it required a different approach. I was so grateful to work with Sue Paulson. She offered many suggestions and most importantly, techniques I could use right away. In addition, her book provided further skills and tips. Not only did I present, I was 1st runner up! Thanks Sue!

Jo-Ann Vacing, CEO, Saucy Cucina Inc.