• Cancer is Not the Enemy!

    Is cancer really the enemy? The media have us believing it, but is it really?  The war on cancer presumes that cancer is this humongous enemy that we must fight tooth and nail to conquer.

    While cancer is a tough adversary worthy of your attention, I believe that cancer is a wake-up call. What kind of wake-up call? Well, it could be your call to clean things up so you can start living a joyful life. It could signal the beginning of the end of your life – your ticket home, so to speak. Its reason for being in your body is as individual and unique as you are. When it fulfills its mission, it no longer commands the attention it once did.

    When I was teaching stress reduction workshops, it was believed that “dis-ease” – that sense of something not being quite right in the mind or body – could settle in as “disease” if the original uneasiness was not addressed.  Our brains carry the perfect blueprint for perfect functioning of our bodies and send signals constantly to cells to fix this or that. It’s commonly known that we all have some cancer cells, but our bodies are usually quite adept at eliminating them. Until there are too many.

    I maintain that the real enemy is FEAR – your fear and my fear. Most people don’t want to say the word “cancer” right out loud, so they call it the big C in whispered tones. I see that look of dismay in people’s eyes when I share that I’ve had cancer. They try not to flinch, but sometimes they do. My antidote to this fear is to talk about it – up close and personal – to share some of my cancer journey and to encourage you to share yours. There’s no chance of getting cancer just by talking about it, but there is a chance you can prevent it if we face the topic together. I’ll put the kettle on – we’ll have tea.Cancer is not the enemy

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