• Just to Remind You

    As I review my notes to present another “Safety Valves” talk, I leaf through one of my resources – Kenford Nedd’s book, Power Over Stress. He talks about the importance of building hardiness both physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to achieve power over life’s stressors. Here are seven key points he makes in helping build that resilience:

    1. Know your purpose in life.
    2. Connect with your inner Spirit.
    3. Choose a positive mental attitude – in all situations.
    4. Develop an acute emotional awareness.
    5. Develop a sense of hope for the future.
    6. Learn how to get along with others.
    7. Create physiological calm and harmony in your body.

    As you practice the strategies above, not only will you experience more serenity, but those around you will as well. Could there be a better way to move our planet toward peace? Now take a deep breath and relax!