• Until It’s Time to Go Home – Let’s Go BIG!

    To My Dear Magnificents:

    For that is what each of you are – magnificent!

    Now that you know this – what’s next?

    The mandate of free will is that you may choose to be, do, say, or have whatever you desire. That is your right. Your responsibility is to also accept the consequences of those choices – be they to your liking or not.

    Plant tomatoes in your garden, and you will harvest tomatoes.

    Be loving to yourself and others – more love will be there for you.

    Worry about your bills – more worry will follow.

    The set of our hearts influences the set of our minds – if my heart is set on love, then I think loving thoughts.

    The opposite is also true. If my heart is filled with hate; hateful thoughts and maybe even hateful actions will follow.

    We could judge this as “bad” or “wrong”.

    Instead we could ask about the consequences of a particular heart or mindset. Will those consequences be for our highest good or not?

    Then we choose. If we dislike the consequences of our choices, we may choose differently again and again until we achieve the result we want.

    That’s learning – that’s experimenting – that’s living.

    As we live our lives, we may choose to be as small or as big as we want to be. For many years, I chose to be small – now I choose BIG!

    Will you join me?

    Until next time – Love Your Magnificence!